35th Annual UCF High School Programming Tournament

This year's tournament will be held on Saturday, March 20, 2021! Due to Covid-19, this year's competition will be held entirely online using Zoom and Discord!

Advisors, if you are interested in having your team(s) compete at our tournament, please visit the Registration Page, or contact Dr. Ali Orooji by phone at 407-823-5660 or by our contact form. Students, if you are interested in competing, please discuss this with your high school team advisor and show him/her this web site. We welcome as many teams for which we have space!


Each participating school is represented by one or more teams of up to three students each. Teams are given ten or more programming problems to solve within four hours. The team solving the most problems wins (ties are broken based on the amount of time taken to solve the problems). Teams have the option of using C/C++, Java and/or Python on PCs. Although it is necessary that each student be familiar with either C, C++, Java, or Python, the emphasis of the contest is on problem solving rather than on the specific details of the language. An orientation session on the day of the contest will allow teams to become familiar with the contest systems.

Contest Environment

The competition this year will be online due to Covid-19. We will use Zoom for presentations and Discord for actual competition execution. It will be necessary for each student to have a Discord ID and these are requested during registration (so be sure to collect those identifiers -- including the four-digit # number at the end -- before registering!). We will be setting up a Discord server that will allow each team to connect and collaborate within their team of three; students within a single team need not be located at the same location (and indeed, they could each compete from their own homes!). Please be sure that you can access Zoom and Discord servers from your location (especially if you will be participating from your school!). In addition, for this year, we will allow each team of three to use 3 computers.

Note: The judges will use GCC 10.2.0, OpenJDK 15.0.2. Python will use Python 3.9.2 (Python 2 will not be supported).

Note: The versions here may be updated as the contest date approaches.


The top five teams will be recognized. No prizes will be awarded this year, other than minor tokens of recognition.

Registration and Payment

Please use our online Registration system to register your team(s) by the deadline (March 5, 2021). Due to the competition being online this year, there is no registration fee for this year!

T-Shirts Now Available!

We realize how much people enjoy our limited edition, commemorative t-shirts every year! We have been working with a local t-shirt shop to allow an individual to optionally order a shirt for a small fee, and have it shipped directly to their personal address. To order, visit the online shop here.

The teal color shown might be slightly different on your screen than the actual shirt (Pantone PMS color 633C).